Adding purchase on the site

Entering purchases is easy. Add one purchase per line, with the price, a description and any tags (what we call "categories") you want to track.

  • $12.65 lunch #food #business
  • $8.95 new dictionary #education
  • $34.50 gas! ouch #transportation

By using popular tags like #travel, #business, or #food (don't forget the #!), you can easily track types of purchases you make.

There are lots of ways to add purchases to your account:

Daily email

Every day we'll send you an email. Just reply to it with a list of the things you bought during the day and how much you spent.

Email it in

Want to email us a purchase? Simple! Just send it to Don't forget to add it to your address book!

Text it to us

If you're in the U.S., visit your "account settings" page to setup a phone number for your account. The text number is (650) 241-4444.

Enter it on the site

On most pages on the site is an "add a purchase" button. Click the button to open the "new purchase" form.

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