How tags work

Use tags to see what you spend the most on.

Tags are the labels you attach to different purchases. So for instance when you buy a burrito at Chipotle you would “tag” that purchase as “food.” Tags allow you to categorize your spending and see how much you spend on each tag every month. To categorize your spending, use #tags. Tags can be anything you want. Tag your purchases by adding #tags #to #them, like this:

  • $12.65 lunch #food #business
  • $8.95 new dictionary #education
  • $34.50 gas! ouch #transportation

Make sure you put the #, or put the # in the right place. That way your tags will appear in your graph, and you'll be able to compare them with other tags.

Tip: Add as many tags as you want - it's a great way to emulate subcategories.

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